Blockchain technology is also known as distributed ledger technology and mostly uses the peer-to-peer network for its functioning. The computers and individual nodes are secured using cryptography using different protocols that are blockchain-specific for transactions.

Blockchain technology was initially developed to serve cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. These cryptocurrencies have gained excellent popularity due to their decentralized, secure, and almost anonymous nature. It leads users to actively follow cryptocurrencies and profit from them effortlessly. In that sense, the Bitcoin lifestyle is one of the automated trading platforms that allow users to make significant profits from crypto trading. Bitcoin lifestyle erfahrungen blog describes more about its user trading experience. But the technology has grown rapidly to serve different applications in different sectors. The most attractive features of the technology that attracts most of the sectors are the transparency and independence in the verification processes of the blockchain network. 

Blockchain technology is mostly used for managing digital assets and carrying out transactions. There are many specialized tools that help to view and manage digital assets in the most effective way. Blockchain explorer is one such tool that offers unique features to explore the scopes of using blockchain.

Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer is a search engine that is specifically designed for blockchain networks. This search engine can be used to get the data of different transactions on a specific blockchain and the addresses of wallets. Many companies have started accepting cryptocurrencies for their products and services. Crypto trading is growing rapidly in many countries like the UK. Click this link to learn how to buy bitcoins easily in the UK. The information includes the number of transactions, the status of the various transactions, and the source along with the target of the transactions. Thus the Blockchain Explorer can give all the details regarding the existing and previous blockchain status. 

Users can easily view all the transactions that take place on the public blockchain. It also offers its support to the users with simple accessibility for the information associated with the transactions in the blockchain and wallets. Even the hidden messages can be accessed and all the lists that have the completed data of the blockchains. 

Technically Blockchain Explorer is a software that uses blockchain nodes and APIs. Using the APIs and blockchain nodes to gather data from the network. Thus, the Blockchain Explorer uses a database to organize the data the users search and then showcase it for the users in a format they can easily understand. Most of the users can easily search and find the blocks they recently mined or the recent transactions that took place on the blockchain. Users can also see a live feed of blocks that are included in the mining process together with all the information regarding the blocks. 


The idea behind the Blockchain Explorer came along with the Blockchain technology and it was initially to solve the troubles faced by the blockchains in the process of transactions. It was very difficult to navigate the blockchains as the data was formatted in a particular way. The data in a blockchain is stored and organized in an arranged way and the data will be presented in a formatted and indexed manner. Therefore, good software was essential to ensure easy readability and accessibility of the data on the blockchain. This was the reason for the origin of the Blockchain Explorer. It was launched in November 2010 when Bitcoin was released fresh into the market. Initially, the Blockchain Explorer provided information associated with Bitcoins and later it became displaying the live status of the Bitcoin blockchain.